The 40 Challenge: Day 1

Well, one day down – 39 more to go! I reached my goals today through luck, tenacity and triple dosing on the chocolate. I ran for 40 minutes, started a major rewrite of my WIP and then rounded out my hat trick with reading ELSEWHERE by Jacqueline West. (I’m not finished with the book yet but so far I adore it! The author’s voice is witty, clever and never talks down to the reader. I love books that make the reader feel smart.)

I have to admit I’m already worried about this weekend. Weekends are difficult anyway for me writing-wise. With the man-child, woman-child, himself and their various activities, play dates and birthday parties the schedule is always a little crazy.

This weekend will reach new levels of insanity since I will be gone all Saturday at the SCBWI Conference here in Houston. I’m super excited to meet all the editors, agents and authors attending. BUT HOW AM I GOING TO EXERCISE? AND WRITE? AND READ? Things I should have thought about before I started the 40 Challenge, hmm?

Well, to paraphrase Scarlett, I’ll worry about all that tomorrow. Right now I’m off to drink my mint tea and curl up with a book. Wishing you all a good night and a sunny tomorrow!


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