The 40 Challenge

The 40 Challenge

Carnival has officially left the building. So put away the necklaces and crepes and welcome Lent: forty days of fasting, abstinence and reflection. (cough)

This year I plan on doing things a little differently. Instead of trying unsuccessfully give up chocolate AGAIN, I’m challenging myself to improve my life in other ways.

So for the forty days of Lent, I’m doing the 40 Challenge.

What’s this?

For the next forty days I challenge myself to complete everyday:

40 minutes of writing
40 minutes of reading
40 minutes of exercising


For me it is all too easy to let these three things fade into the background in my life as a wife/teacher/mother. And yet, they are three things that feed my spirit and make me feel, well, good.

Actually chocolate does the same thing but forty days of chocolate eating is not a challenge I truly need to work to accomplish.

So I’m going to be checking in daily to update everyone on how I’m doing in addition to my interviews with authors and other “book” people.

Anyone interested in joining me?


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