The 40 Challenge: Day 3

Day 3



I’m done already! And it isn’t even midnight! Tonight begins the spectacular SCBWI Houston conference so I’ve been working extra fast to reach my goal before I meet up with some of my favorite authors, illustrators and book people.


Stats for Day 3


40 minutes exercise – I took the kids ice skating after much begging and pleading. Due to the fact that the Man-child had been running a fever for the past few days it was a last minute decision. In the end, I should have taken them to a movie instead since the sick one sat on the benches for most of the time.


40 minutes reading – I started HERE LIES ARTHUR by Philip Reeve. It’s the story of King Arthur told from the point of view of the young girl Gwyna. So far I’ve really enjoyed it.


40 minutes writing – I buckled up my courage and tweaked a query to send off to a super new agent who just set up shop. Fingers crossed! Then I worked for a few minutes on a book critique that I should send off later tonight after Himself comes home and corrects my poor French grammar.


I have no idea how I’m going to complete the challenge tomorrow with the conference all day long. Anyone have any time bending ideas or suggestions they’d like to share?


Wishing you all a wonderful Friday!



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