The 40 Challenge: Day 4 and 5

This weekend was the annual SCBWI Houston conference. I hope everyone will be indulgent with my goals for the past few days. Here are my stats – be gentle with my okay?

Saturday/Day 4

40 minutes exercise – 15 minutes yoga in the morning and then 25 minutes running around the conference center either looking for people, looking for coffee or recovering from my manuscript critique.

40 minutes writing – during the conference I tried to summarize the speakers comments via Twitter (you can read the comments on the hash tag #SCBWIHouston if you would like!) Then I posted an overall summary of the conference as well on this blog. So in fact, I went above and beyond the forty minutes – hooray for me!

40 minutes reading – I continued with the wonderful novel HERE LIES ARTHUR by Philip Reeve.

Sunday/Day 5

40 minutes exercise – I ran on a dreadful treadmill as it was raining outside and then lifted weights.

40 minutes writing – I spent the day sending out thank yous and comments to all of the conference go-ers. In addition I worked on my WIP and this post of course!

40 minutes reading – I finished the Philip Reeve novel. It was wonderful and left me longing for a sequel!

Now I’m off to finish watching Masterpiece Theatre. It doesn’t get any better than Jane Austen does it?
Best wishes and blessing to you all.


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