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About Me

Growing up, I spent my summers picking blackberries, reading countless paperbacks and hanging out in the mall. I went to university and studied medieval European history and literature and earned a Master’s degree in library and information science. For the past twenty-one years I’ve worked as a librarian and teacher for young people in Africa, Europe and the United States. I also work as a book critic and freelancer for local newspapers and journals. But my real work is writing and publishing for all ages, in all genres. You can contact me via my blog or Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to hear from you so stop by!


6 thoughts on “A blog about books and the people who write them”

  1. Melissa,
    You seem like a great resource in the writing community! I own the website, http://www.houstonchildrensbooks.com, and would like to open the space to other authors as well. I mean, I’m really selfish, but the name of the site says it should have more than just little ole me posted there. I’ve been hoping it’d be easy to just find great local books, but it turns out I’m too much of a recluse. Would you know of any sites to locate local children’s authors?

  2. Hi, I liked your interview of Sandra Guy. I am wondering how an author goes about sending you an ARC or discussing a possible interview. My debut fiction novel set in Houston’s 5th Ward is scheduled to be released October 1. Am very excited.Would love to discuss it with you as it has many topical social issues inside a legal thriller. Thanks for loving books and being an avid reader.

  3. I have a great friend who has been writing books and short stories about the Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas area for some time now. I’ve read every one and they are incredibly interesting. Might he be a topic for one of your interviews and/or perhaps featured in the ‘Houston Inner Looper’ publication (or others?). He’s very good and I’d like to promote his efforts through you if possible.

    His name is Michael Gracey. His email is graceymichael@yahoo.com .

    Jim Wolford
    Houston, Texas

    Thanks for your consideration!


  4. Hi, Melissa, I’ve often enjoyed your column in Houston Inner Looper. I thought you might wish to interview me–as a Houston author in multiple genres with nine publisher books and one coming out in the fall with four stellar publishers. I do live in Houston and would love to chat with you! (One of the anthologies I edited just won the International Latino Book Award in its category!)
    Sarah Cortez

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